Man at Bombs:  Innocent White Edition

€200,00 (for inquiries please contact me at ) / or just order your Bomberman at etsy

some men settle their disagreements with explosives

This epic little character had a life in a video game years ago. But he is just too cool, so i thought he needs to exist as an Art Toy. But not just that, i thought he needs to be poseable so you can place him as you please.

Now, only 25 numbered pieces are available!

  • Stands around 11cm tall
  • 100% Handcrafted
  • 13 handcasted resin parts
  • Two handcasted rubber arms and two handcasted rubber legs
  • Wire armature for poseable limbs
  • Two magnetic Hands to hold stuff.
  • One magnetic Bomb to be hold.
  • CUTE!
Disclaimer: All parts are individually hand made. Although the biggest amount of love and affection is put into every piece, small imperfections will always occur.